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Value Added Tax Consultant in Dubai 2021

Taxhelp.Ae one of the leading Value Added Tax Consultant in Dubai offers complete range of Value Added Tax (VAT) Services across United Arab Emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.

Our Range of Services:

Why Taxhelp.Ae as Value Added Tax Consultant in Dubai:

Taxhelp.Ae is one of the oldest names in Tax Consultancy Services. Value Added Tax was implement in United Arab Emirates in January 2018. From January 2018 to Current date we have served hundreds of clients in implementing and handling value added tax matters.

What Make us Different:

Some of our strengths are:

  • Diversified Team: Before 2018 United Arab Emirates was tax free country. Therefore at the time of implementing not lot of accountants were available in the country that have diversified experience of handling tax matters. That is why we structured and sourced our team from countries that already have strong taxation structure so that they can input practical knowledge to our valuable clients in the United Arab Emirates. Our team include members from United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Philippines.
  • No Half Qualified Accountants: We understand the sensitivity of matters with tax department therefore we ensured that our team only includes professionally qualified members. Mostly Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants.
  • Presence in Every State of United Arab Emirates: We have set up our offices in all the states of United Arab Emirates so that clients from every corner of the country can take advantage of our services.
  • Affordable Prices: Quality comes with a price. Right, but we ensured that our services are of high quality and at the same time prices remain market competitive. So you get Quality at Reasonable Price.

Why You Need Value Added Tax Consultant:

Lot of people believe that they are running a very small business and there is no point in increasing the cost by hiring tax consultant. But trust us hiring a tax consultant can save you from heavy losses.

The regulatory body of value added tax law in United Arab Emirates is Federal Tax Authority and they are very strict when it comes to compliance with VAT laws in the country. Fines can go up to 300% of the defaulted amount that is very significant. Therefore it is very advisable to go with Professional Tax Consultants that can save you from troubles. They have background knowledge of hundreds of clients and at the same time they keep updating about the changing laws that is a continuous process.

Who needs to Register for Value Added Tax:

Not every business in United Arab Emirates is required to get registered for the Value Added Tax. There are two criteria for businesses to check whether they are eligible for VAT Registration or not:

  1. Mandatory Registration: If the turn over of the business in previous 12 months exceed AED 375,000/- then it is mandatory for the business to get registered for Value Added Tax.
  2. Voluntary Registration: In case the turn over of the business is greater then AED 187,500 and Less the AED 375,000/- business can apply of VAT Registration Voluntarily.

How to Contact Us:

So if you have already made up your mind of securing your business with the help of professional tax consultant. Lets go to next step visit our contact us page it has information to get in touch with us. From there our professional staff will take care of the rest.

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