Keeping in mind that businesses have limited time to adjust their processes and undertake VAT Implementation before January 01, 2018 we have decided to take the initiative of offering to limited companies VAT Readiness Assessment for limited period.

Staring from January 01, 2018 all the business with turn over exceeding AED 375,000.00 during the year are required to register with Federal Tax Authority (FTA) for VAT purposes with certain exceptions specified under the VAT law. Therefore we believe the first and most important step towards implementation of VAT is to assess the impact VAT will have on the businesses.

Taxhelp.AE we have team of expert VAT consultants from Austria, Europe and Pakistan that have helped many businesses over the years to ensure proper compliance of Income tax and VAT Laws. Our specialize working techniques and methodology is the result of over 2 decades experience and dedication towards helping businesses to comply with VAT Laws.

Our Prime focus areas with respect to the impact of VAT on business are:

  • Business structure and industry specific transactions performed.
  • Impact of VAT on imports and logistics required for businesses.
  • Impact on operating mechanism of Finance and Accounting departments.
  • Financial software readiness and proposed amendments to make them VAT ready
  • Impact on existing and future business contracts.
  • Impact on Vendors and Customers agreements.
  • Ensuring the availability of Human Resource to comply with VAT obligations.
  • Understanding, planning and mitigating the impacts of VAT on cash flows of the organizations.