Importance of VAT in the UAE

Presently, UAE has entered into the league of countries that pays taxes. On Oct 1st, 2017, Excise Tax was made applicable upon residents in year 2018 while VAT (Value Added Tax) has just been exercised on Jan, 1st, 2018. The excise rate taxes are applicable 100% on energy drinks and tobacco items while the carbonates drinks have an applicability of 50% Excise tax. Meanwhile, VAT is applied at a minimal rate of 5% that is apparently the lowest percentage as compared to other countries in the world.

The businesses operating in the UAE have been facing a lot more challenges where VAT is applicable to the business stream in order to make sure that these companies are VAT payers or VAT compliant. As VAT is a new concept, it requires experience and qualified tax professionals who can provide expert advice for supporting business activities, especially in a scenario when a company is trying to go for VAT compliance or during the initial phase of such transition.

It is important to hire services of an expert in order to help you strive in the relevant industry and keeping you tax compliant to save you from further business challenges and meet international standards.

The advisory services will be provided to customers with respect to the VAT Execution Regulation (Cabinet Decision No. 52 of 2017) and the provisions of Federal Decree Law No. (8) of 2017

There are many benefits if you hire professional help from tax experts in regard of paying VAT.

  1. You will have all the cost-effective, precise and timely support by hiring VAT advisory services from VAT professionals. They can help you in your problems and facilitate your queries in regard of your business operations.
  2. Your VAT expert will help you with VAT impact analysis
  3. You will be able to formulate business solutions and prepare for recommendations that are specifically designed by Tax experts on account of taxation for business clients.
  4. You can avail VAT advise from VAT professionals through discussions and meetings
  5. You will be able to have on-call advisory service
  6. You can ask for clarifications on queries through email or telephone that will be shortly advised or answered through the same medium.
  7. You can also seek for a professional VAT advice by personally visiting client office.
  8. You can have Advisory Services that is linked with Customs clearance and designated zone related problems.
  9. You can handle industry-related problems with precise guidance to comply with respect to the UAE VAT law.

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