Taxhelp.Ae is founded by leading accounting and tax professionals from Australia, United Kingdom and Pakistan. With the announcement of implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) across GCC member states, we Taxhelp.Ae decided to bring together a pool of experts who have hundreds of successful VAT implementation experience in Australia and European Union which is the only structure that resembles with the proposed VAT structure in GCC member states.

Our team is the combination of world's best financial and VAT consultants from Europe which we believe is a unique strength.

Keeping in mind the fact that VAT is not a new law and it is quite common across the Globe but GCC members have opted for a structure that resembles with the one used in European Union. One of the significant reason for this is Europe and GCC both have customs union, that makes the application of VAT unique in both parts of the world. Therefore understanding of Cross-Border VAT transactions between GCC member states can be best understand by consultant from European Union. That help us in concluding that best consultants to understand VAT structure in GCC member states are the one that have understanding of VAT structure of European Union.

Our services start from first review of business processes to asses the readiness of business for VAT implementation and further goes to advising businesses to make changes in business process to make them suitable for VAT filing and declarations. Not only this our range of services also include VAT Agent Appointment, handling of VAT cases at all appeal forums including highest of courts with the main objective of helping businesses operate in accordance with the VAT laws and at the same time focusing on their businesses.